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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Defending Your Movie

This was a personal entry into my journal that I made as we were prepping on FOC2, but it's really about FOC. I think it's still pretty appropriate.

So...anyone seen the fun I've been having on the imdb message boards? Just search for FOC and then click on Message Board.

You the internet works is, anyone who has an opinion is now a professional critic. They can click SEND and now they're published! On the internet.

And that's how we get a lot of know-it-alls posting about things they really don't know.

Don't get me movies have PLENTY of problems. If you were to say on those boards, "I hate your movie because it was boring and the story didn't make much sense," I probably wouldn't say anything to you. It's your opinion. You're totally entitled to it. And I don't necessarily disagree with you.

But when you say stuff like "poorly-edited", "bad cinematography", "bad script"--then you need to explain how you're qualified to judge that.

Now most of the comments on that board are easy to figure out. They're people who would like to be where I am but don't want to put in the work and effort to do what I'm doing. So it's much easier to rag on a film than actually MAKE one.

And then there's the new guy who came in recently and basically quoted verbatim stuff that's in your film 101 textbooks. He tried to come off all high and mighty and act like he knows what he's doing and could do it all SO much better.

And then I find out who the guys is:

He's a guy who offered to work on my film for free. He's from California and had told my producer that if we flew him out here and had a place for him to stay, he'd work on the film for free.

See, he's just looking to get something behind him. Right now it's all BS and unproduced films. His resume was nice though, because he had some assistant director creds. An AD doesn't actually direct--he's pretty much the guy who works the shooting schedule, keeps people doing what they need to do. He's suppose to keep us on schedule.

So I could use one of those.

This guy was totally on board. Very excited. So excited that he asked if he can mention it to Fangoria in an interview online. I say, whatever. The interview shows up a week later and yep, there's the mention of him working on FOC2.

Then we don't hear from him anymore. Nothing. Not a "Hey, I'm not interested anymore" or anything. Just...silence. Very professional way of doing things.

And now he's on the board saying that after he saw the film and the "final pay quote" he decided not to be a part of it. Final pay quote? It was always ZERO dollars. That's what cracks me up. That's why there's the confusion.

There's only one guy who was offered money to work on the film who is NOT working on the film. Everyone else is on board.

But this I said...a wannabe filmmaker. He shot a movie like 2 years ago, so I'm very anxious to see the movie so I can post my very own comment on HIS film's message board.

Guess I have to wait until he actually GETS distribution though

Really. I mean...I'm not famous but I can certainly see why most of the filmmakers today avoid any kind of interaction online. You simply can't win.

So I'm probably just going to leave my posts up there long enough for that assfish to read them, then take them all down and stop posting.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some archive footage, exclusively here!

I know, been a while, right? Well, I've been doing some backing up and came across a bunch of videos of old "Fear of Clowns" audition and rehearsal video. Here it is, unedited.

Check it out! We were all so young...

I will be making a "Fear of Clowns" youtube playlist where I'll try to keep this stuff sorted. Unlisted for now, so you guys are the first to set eyes on them! I'll upload a few more next week.

Rick Ganz Clowns Around During Rehearsal

Jacky & Rick Rehearse FOC

Frank Lama at the FOC audition

Saturday, January 8, 2011

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