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Monday, February 22, 2010

Some pics I found

Found a disc with some pics I never put up. Here's some of them.

This first one was the sign on the "Happy Clown"'s minivan. I added the last line in honor of our Jewish Executive Producer. I thought it might make him laugh, 'cause who the fuck wants a clown for their bah mitzvah?
(side note: I believe my buddy Rich Henn designed and printed this up for me)

Here you see our still photographer taking pics for the press kit. Yes, that's me.

Here you see, from left to right, Dave Mun, Jed Duvall on the ground as "Happy Clown", J.P. Barry as the cop, and Steve Carson, our first A.C.(which, on my set, means you may have to be boom operator also)

Why does my brother Paul look so guilty? I'm not sure. Maybe he knows we're behind schedule and he shouldn't be posing for behind-the-scenes pics.
Just guessing.

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