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Thursday, April 15, 2010

March 10th, 2006: Fuuuuuuuuck

This should be a wake-up call for those indy filmmakers dreaming of a real distributor giving them a bunch of money to distribute their movie.

Because, check out how my movie did for Lionsgate. I'm the highest LGF movie of the week in sales other than The Ultimate Avengers, a Marvel Comics movie. FOC outperformed a LOT of movies, not just this week, but in the next month.

And when LGF got the chance to acquire the sequel, they weren't prepared to even match the offer we got on the first film. Even though we had already proven that our movie was very lucrative for them. There was no reason to think the sequel wouldn't perform as well as the original--and since it's actually a better movie, I figure it might do better in the end.

So if you think a distributor is going to pay you a lot of money for your film in today's market, it's just not going to happen.

Pardon the language. I ain't happy.

Here's the thing: I've been watching the top 10 direct-2-dvd charts for months now. The rentals have been fairly non-impressive, so I had high hopes that FOC could crack the top 10.

Well, I just got the top 10 and FOC ain't there. You know why? Because every effin' sequel in the world(including some Disneys) came out in the past month and who can compete with that?

Stuart Little 3. Bambi 2(are you kidding me? Who needs a sequel to that?) The Prince and Me 2. American Pie Presents Band Camp. (essentially American Pie 3.5) Dungeons & Dragons 2.

I had assumed there would be a couple on the list, but not that many. I shouldn't be TOO unhappy. FOC was number 11, so it only JUST missed the list. But still.


  1. a couple people have been telling me to check out 'fear of clowns'. apparently they forgot to say the magic words "they're all from your hometown." i keep looking at those limited releases of FOC and FOC2 for $20 plus a cool 8x10 for $5. excellent prices btw, but then i get stumped by 'movie props coming soon' and i just don't know what to do :/

    netflix it is i guess. for now.

  2. Yep, we're Maryland guys. And the $20 thing IS a good deal! :)

    And Netflix doesn't have FOC2, so it would be the only way to see FOC2, which is definitely the better flick. (well, you can stream it through Amazon...)