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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quality Control(The QC)

Some people don't know what a QC is. It stands for Quality Control, and any real film contract will stipulate that your film must pass the QC--or you will pay to have it fixed until it does.

This is to ensure the quality of the master that the distributor will use to distribute the flick. Now, each lab is different.

I figured I'd use Fotokem for my QC since they developed and transferred the film for my first movie, "Hunting Humans", and they were the guys Lionsgate used.

Well, it just so happens that Fotokem is one of the tougher QC labs. They catch EVERYTHING. I mean, if you have a blip that only dogs can hear on your audio track, they will catch it. If your boom mic is in a shot for 1 frame(actually IMPOSSIBLE to see with the naked eye), they will catch it.

And with FOC...they did.

Here's the first 4 of 8 pages of problems with my master of "Fear of Clowns". So the curious can get a gander at what a QC actually looks like.

Eventually I sent it to another lab and paid $1100 to have them fix the major problems.


  1. If you're looking for someone to go 50/50 on a hit on Fotokem, look me up. ;-)

  2. Ha! I'm over them. I'll use cheaper labs, because honestly the QC is SOOOO subjective. You can clearly make an awesome master with a less-than-perfect-by-Fotokem standard...