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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Word About Netflix & Victory Multimedia

I'd like to take a moment to express my OPINION on something here. Everything I say below is my opinion regarding this event.


I submitted FOC2 myself to Netflix myself. I figured it's a no-brainer that they'd be interested because 1)The first film performed extremely well(a fact they can check for themselves) and 2) I've seen some of the ridiculous stuff they carry.

I mentioned in my letter that I could either provide them with whatever limited edition FOC2s I have left or, if they need more, I could print up a whole new batch that would be Netflix exclusive with never-before-seen stuff.

Three months later I get a letter from them. It's a form letter that says:
Thank you for your recent submission. We have received and reviewed your materials. Regretfully, we are passing on your submission.

However, If you are looking for distribution:

Victory Multimedia works with many independent film producers and small distributors.

If you wish to establish a distribution agreement with Victory Multimedia, please contact Randy Freeman at Victory Multimedia at your earliest convenience

This is weird. An outright pass would be pretty weird, frankly, but passing me on to someone?

I don't contact anyone. I try to find some info on this Victory Multimedia. I find nothing other than one blog post that mentions in passing that Randy from Victory is "an a$$hole".

This is one of the reasons I'm doing this blog; the more people who spread this info, the better.

Two days later I get an email from a "David Solomon" of Victory Multimedia and he CCs Randy Freeman. Let me reiterate: I did not contact anyone, nor did I give permission to Netflix to pass my contact info on to anyone.

Included with David Solomon's email is a contract for distribution. That's right. Not a request for a screener. Not a basic agreement with terms. A full out contract for distribution.

Say what?

And in my opinion, this contract is one gigantic, piece of shit rip-off. Why? Let me tell you.

What it wants me to do is this: Sign the contract. They will then request I provide them with a certain number of units of my film. Yep. I have to get the discs printed and finished, and then ship them to Victory.

I can set the retail price. Super. Victory will give me 40% of the retail price for each unit. (a shitty split right there considering I'm doing ALL the upfront work)

THEN: I also have to pay them 10% upfront of what they order. This is to go toward "Program and Development Funds". So if they order $10,000(an arbitrary number for ease of use) worth of retail from you, they would pay you $4000(40%) minus $1000(10%)'d get $3000 for what you send them.

But there's more. Later, whatever they don't sell they ship back to you and you owe them whatever they gave you. So if they don't sell $4000 worth of product, you're getting that product back and you're going to be in debt, because the $1000 is gone either way.(got space to warehouse that stuff they sent back?)

And this is the company that Netflix not only recommended but seems to endorse by passing on my information(and perhaps screener) without my consent?

To me, it appears that Netflix has some sort of backdoor deal with Victory--they turn down flicks, wait until Victory picks them up, then they get them cheap from Victory. If the title doesn't rent well at Netflix, Netflix can have Victory ship back whatever they didn't open at the filmmaker's expense.

The fact that you can't find anything online about "Victory Multimedia" is suspicious enough. Real companies have real web sites.

Well, I'm hoping to spread some information about this deal, which in my opinion is a giant scam. I thought Netflix was a better company that that, but it appears that they are not.


  1. Wow, that's awesome.

    Heck, I'll give you a deal where you only have to send me a HUNDRED bucks (in $20's, please) and I'll just walk away. Hell, it would be cheaper than a deal with Victory.

  2. Here's their imdb page:

  3. Yeah, I saw--they got some great movies. And I love that their web site(as shown on imdbpro) is:

    Uh...that's your company's web site? On cduniverse?

  4. Yikes! It is surprising that Netflix would do that. I guess they figure if you're a small enough operation you'll take any deal you can get. Pity.

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  7. Similar experience. Victory Multimedia is terrible to deal with.

  8. Victory Multimedia is a horrible company. If you are looking for distribution DO NOT USE THEM. The owner Randy Freeman does not answer emails he only uses the phone. This is part of his tactic so he can intimidate you especially if you are new to the business. He is rude, crass and incredibly conniving. You will end up spending a great deal on money on legal fees just trying to get paid. I am planning on writing a letter to Netflix and telling them about my experience with VM. Certainly they wouldn't recommend a company that so many people have problems with, right?

  9. Thank you for this! I just read an article today (20 Oct 10) in INDIESLATE where someone recommended them... Sounds like a paid placement.

    And I had just spent 15 fruitless minutes searching the web for their homepage. I agree:

    Again, thank you!
    Tom Stedham, Alabama

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  11. I have been having issues getting paid by them also and am interested in connecting with others with the same problem.

  12. Paul, I got screwed too by VM, let's band together and get rid of these crooks, email

    Thinking of contacting a news agency, the more voices we have, the better

  13. I just wanted to make a quick comment that the terms of their agreement are not a rip off. They are actually pretty standard stuff. However, the way they treat their suppliers in actuality is horrendous. Simply put, they do not honor the terms of the agreement. Fuck Victory Multimedia.

  14. A few of us who have been ripped off by Victory Multimedia are seeking to build a solid list of similar pawns so we can expose this company via the media, shut it down, and hopefully, receive the money we are owed.

    Please send your Victory horror story to

  15. I cannot believe how many companies have been burned by Victory. We lost over $6000. Let me know who I can join up with to go after him.

    email me at

  16. Jeff: If you think those terms are "pretty standard", then you don't know what standard is--I've dealt with MANY contracts, and by far that contract offers the worst terms I have ever seen offered.

  17. For the rest, good luck! I hope you can get some measure of recompense--this post was meant entirely to get some info out there, since I couldn't find any myself...

  18. Another independent producer here. Stay away from Victory Multimedia and Randy Freeman. Submitted product for many months and never got paid a dime. Nothing! And no returned product. Had similar experiences with Randy as above. He just bullies you on the phone and then lies. I hope companies like Baker & Taylor, Alliance Entertainment and Netflix realize that Victory Multimedia just rips off the small producer and should be banned from distributing any titles! Stay Away!

  19. Randy Freeman doesn't limit this business model to film. We're a manufacturer of computer accessories. Last year we were approached by a "Randall" from "Bryant-Freeman" to distribute our products. OK. Except there is no Bryant-Freeman anywhere online; that's a huge red flag in the IT industry. His terms and demeanor were very similar to what's described on this forum. We passed on his "opportunity."

  20. Don't use this company. I agree with the independent producer he lies. He will make promises and never deliver. He will bully you when you ask him to do something. He will say he will sell your product but never pay you. He owes my company money and will not pay.