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Sunday, October 4, 2009

August 26th, 2003

Shot from 1st Make-Up Test with Shivers
The worst part of this time period was that the Director of Photography, David Gil, was not returning phone calls or emails. When we last spoke to him he was good, but then months pass and we hear nothing.

We have no backup. I don't know any other DPs, and we're WEEKS away from shooting. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to be the DP, and I'm already wearing too many hats.

I'm not sure how I didn't get an ulcer.

I'm a little harsh to JP here--but in the interest of preserving what I wrote, I have not changed it. He's a good guy though.

August 26th

Did the first headcast for Lisa-Willis Brush last week. She missed the first appointment to do it because the big New York blackout trapped her out of state. We did it down in the basement of Doug Ulrich, the FX guru.

It’s a small dark basement and I’m sure Lisa was a little hesitant as it was; for all intents and purposes we were strangers to her.
So he gets this alginate put all over her head, then plaster bandages are wrapped over that. She can only breathe through her nostril holes.

We were at the point where Doug was forming the bandages on her neck and she pushed him off and motioned to back off. Apparently her heart was running a mile a minute, but she couldn’t tell us that. I finally ended up holding her hand through the rest of the process so we could finish it. If she had ripped it off at that second, the whole thing would have gone down the drain.

We didn’t get time to do JP(John Patrick)’s head cast, so we rescheduled for today. Went over to Doug’s and waited an hour for him to show up. A no show. No call, no email. Nothing.

Pisses the fuck out of me. I don’t have time to waste. I only have about 1000 things to do before we shoot and I’m standing around pulling my pud waiting for an actor with a small part.

Lot of stuff to do. Shoot date is barreling toward us. I found a gallery to shoot in today which is huge, but we still haven’t gotten in touch with Gil, the DP. What the hell?

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