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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 11th, 2003

Yes, we all have to try that homage shot.
Okay, how bad did we fuck the first part of this day up?

We get back to the house and haven't taken any continuity shots. There's a sliding ladder in front of the bookcase and none of us can remember exactly where it was when we shot part of the scene before.

So we're trying to shoot and dodge the ladder, but if you watch closely in FOC you'll see it moves by itself! One second it's over on the left, then on the right! I cut it pretty close so you probably won't notice it now.

With Lauren's scene it was just awkward. Looking back maybe I should have shot more meaningless scenes with naked girls like my college film buddies did, but I was too busy making horror trailers to movies I wanted to make...

Which means I had never before shot pictures of a naked girl that I didn't intend on sleeping with right afterward.

In the end it came out pretty good though, and that's all that matters when you're talking about movies...

Oct 11th

Went back to the Eastern Shore for pickup at Ed’s—the big house. It went okay. Nothing great on footage. Gotta hope it matches the other footage we shot, even though we tried to cheat daylight when it was night.

Lauren Pellegrino as Amanda

Then off to kill Amanda. It’s awkward. We’ve never met this girl, and here she comes four hours away and we’re like “Hey, take off your clothes”. Feels awkward. She’s not a nude model or actress, but she says she’s fine with it.

She is fine, but I’ve never shot full nudity. I want to be considerate but I also want to get the scene so it’s freakin’ awesome.

It goes well. Lassise hit her head on the wall once. Threw her down a couple times. She was a real trooper. She didn’t care, just kept doing it.

We ran late, so the owners of the house were out waiting in their car until like 2am. But we got it and I think it’s good.

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