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Monday, October 26, 2009

October 14th, 2003

The NEVER-before-seen picture of Andrew in clown makeup.
What I remember about this night is that NONE of it made it into the final movie.

When I was writing the script I distinctly remember thinking that the audience probably wasn't going to care who was BEHIND Shivers--that once he got caught, they would disconnect from the picture.

I should have pursued that line of thinking, because in the editing room it wasn't working. The scene was a mess, and even worse than that, I could tell no one would care. They'd caught the big clown. To have the movie go on for another 15 minutes would have been a disaster.

So I had to remove the ending of the movie--and when you set up a lot of clues that lead you to the ending...that's a lot of shit to also take out. But then other things don't make sense.

Hence, the mess that became the final version of FOC.

Oct 14th

Steve calls out sick. Great start to the day. He’s supposed to do the stunt work tonight as a double for Andrew.

Went over my parents’ house to do a pickup of Rick and Jacky in the Viper. It started raining, but Mun did some funky work on the camera and it looks like daylight.

Took a quick break, then we have the finale of the movie at my house. Praying for no rain.

The rain started pouring.

I said(to myself) fuck it, we’re shooting it anyway. We loaded in equipment in the torrent wearing rain-slicker ponchos my wife had bought.

Paul couldn’t get over to my house to paint Andrew until like 9pm so we tried to shoot all the cutaway stuff that we could. Nicky showed up late; Mun took him out and did his scenes in the car real quick while I set up the inside stuff. This is how you know I trust Mun--no way would I do this otherwise.

Andrew pitched a fit and yelled at Mun when Mun joked about his face paint. So then Mun was pissed. Word to actors: Don’t piss off the guy who can make you look bad on screen.

Running late. Go figure. Had to pick up the pace and then you run the risk of jumping shots or the line. We did both tonight. Not gonna be the most dramatic ending ever, I can tell you that.

Took the shoot outside. The rain had stopped. Didn’t make things too much easier. Andrew keeps saying he has to work in the morning so he needs to leave. This was an original shoot day so I’m not sure why he’s got to work early the next morning.

He comes over again and says, “Am I done?” I try to think. I think we got the shots. He goes to take off all the makeup.

Fifteen minutes later I think I missed two shots I needed. Fuck.

Then I put on his clothes to do a couple of stunt shots. I jump on the car in his clothes with a knife, the car pulls away and I fall, still holding the knife. Mun doesn’t want me to use the real knife but it’s all we got. I did get a little hurt(my elbow) but hopefully Mun got some okay cutaways.

But I managed to not impale myself on any of the takes, so there is that.

Ended about 3:30am. Packed up. Gotta be in Baltimore at 11am for the “final” day of shooting. Jacky took off. Kinda sad to see her go. You spend this kind of time with someone and get along well with them, it’s like you’re seeing a friend leave.

Hey, she’ll be back for the pickup and the wrap party. Hopefully everyone will come. They’re like my temporary extended family.

Weird. Not used to having a cast of this many people.

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