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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oct 12th, 2003

One of the many paintings my brother did for display at the gallery. This one had real nails in the painting where you see nails. I call that dangerous. He calls it art.

This day was an absolute nightmare. Everything that could have went wrong did go wrong.

And a lot of these things are things that wouldn't go wrong if you had more money(which means more people) to help out. Your location guy would know that there was a parade going on so you wouldn't get screwed there.

Your camera assistant would be making sure you left with all the equipment you came with.

But these are luxuries when you're working the no-budget flick.

Oct 12th

Gallery day. Got there early(11am), but the street was blocked off. Turns out that they were going to have a Columbus Day parade that day.

No shit.

Couldn’t get the truck or my car with all the equipment and paintings to the street. Blocked off. Said fuck it and drove them both two blocks down a one way street, then backed our way onto the street we wanted.

We started shooting, and right on cue the parade started RIGHT ON THAT VERY FUCKING STREET WE WERE SHOOTING ON. We took a break, since we couldn’t record any sound.
After that things went okay, but we ran over time. Josie, the nice lady who was supervising us at the gallery was pretty tired. Finally got out about seven p.m.

Jacky Reres at the Craig Flinner Gallery

Rick Ganz in front of another painting my brother did.

Dead tired. Went to the house and caught a little football before heading out to the theater for our 11pm – 4am shoot. At least, that’s when we were hoping to wrap.

Started shooting; it’s the pickup where the clown confronts Lynn and Tuck in the theater. We missed it the other night. Everything’s going okay, except we have to shoot a slight variant ending since I don’t know if we’ll get the whole fight in.

The battery ran out and we went to get the other battery. It’s not there. Neither is the charger, so we can’t use power from a plug.

Turns out we left it at the gallery.

I have a replacement at my house, so I run out, go 70mph to my house and back. We rock and roll through the end and finish up at a little after 5am. Great. Now I have to get up at 11am to go up to the mediation scene.


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