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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oct 13th, 2003

Jacky Reres and Steven Gleich in the mediation scene.

You know the great thing about this? As if the night wasn't tough enough, we had this reporter come out and interview me that night. She ended up being an extra. Was with us for like five hours.

And then the article came out in the newspaper and not only did she mis-spell a couple of my lead actors' names wrong--she got the name of the movie wrong.

Even though--in the picture SHE took and had printed next to the article--I am wearing a hat with the name of the movie. She called it "Fear The Clown".

I had to digitally correct the entire article for the press kit.

Oct 13th

Mediation scene. Goes fucking perfect, besides the maids right outside the door with their vacuum cleaners. They cleared out fast though. Actors/actresses were right on.

Easy shoot, finished on time. Darla Albornoz, who played Lynn Blodgett in the promo trailer we shot, Christopher Lee Phillips, Steve Gleich, and Jacky. Amazing how fast it goes when people don’t fuck up their lines.

Went to dinner, off to the gallery.

I expected about 50 extras. Got about 15. Isn’t gonna work right. Improvise to the second scene where we don’t need that many extras, then send Mark and my wife and her friend to the bar a couple of doors down to recruit some extras.

Also, a reporter from The Capital picks this night to come out and interview me. I make her an extra.

We get some extras from the bar, most drunk, but still not enough. Started shooting, everyone’s antsy, sound sucks with trucks and buses going by. I try to get some coverage, but we lose some extras. Also, they keep wanting to talk during the take even though I’ve chastised them(nicely) a number of times.

Soon we’re down to like 5 extras and the gallery is supposed to be packed. Yeah right.

This scene is gonna suck. We jumped the line, didn’t get a lot of coverage. Ugh. Bad night. Finished about 1:30am.

But we did screw Rick up by putting booze in his cup during one take. Pretty funny to see the look in his face, but he did the take without missing much of a beat.

btw: Wanna see creepy? Check out the screen cap of the first time my brother EVER airbrushed the Shivers makeup. He did it on HIMSELF! Then he emailed this to me after he digitally made his eyes black. Nice, huh?

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