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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sept 5th - Sept 22nd, 2003

There's a road under there--this is downtown Annapolis, about 20 minutes from my house.
I did not take this pic though.
Man, shooting a low low budget flick isn't tough enough--we had a hurricane hit us. Every once in a while one will blow by but they NEVER do anything to us.

This time though, it kills the state. Knocks out power to my house for over a day. I'm supposed to be finishing the shot list and 900 other things, and instead I'm sitting around in the dark.

At this point I'm nervous because I've never seen Mun's reel. I'm going simply on the strength of him having worked with Gil. He clearly knew what he was doing, but I was still worried.

Turned out he was great. Easy to work with with great ideas, and very helpful in remembering shit like which actor was frame left and which was frame right in the shots.

Sept 5th – Sept 22nd

Mun said he could do the shoot if we pushed it back a week. This would also be helpful because then Andrew can still play Phillip. So, I push the shoot back and pray everyone’s okay with it.

They all seem to be. Hallelujah!

Comfuck—oops, sorry, I mean, Comfort Inn had said they would provide us with two rooms for the duration of the shoot, complimentary because we’ve been holding all the auditions and rehearsals in their conference room(and paying full price everytime). In addition, I have said we’d put a thank you in the credits.

So we’ve been calling them for two weeks just to ensure that we’re square. The lady isn’t calling us back. Finally my wife goes down there to find out what’s up and the lady says she talked to a manager and he says they can’t give us the rooms. If we want them she can give them to us for the bargain rate of $70 a night.

That’s $70 a night FOR THREE WEEKS. That’s their best rate?

I need a room for Mun and a room for Jacky, which she’ll share for three nights with Lauren, the actress coming from New York. I have already diverted the funds from the budget and spent it on other things. Now it looks like Mun will have to room with Rick at his place, and I’ll have to find a room for Jacky.

The lone lucky break is that Hurricane Isabel hit us on September 19th, which was our original start date. We all lost power. I’m still not entirely done my shooting script, and I lost a day and a half waiting for power to come back on.

Here it is September 22nd and Mun arrives tomorrow. There are a couple of small parts that we still haven’t filled, because they’re police parts and I don’t have any uniforms. Finding cops and their cars is one of the major challenges I still haven’t fixed, and we need a bunch of them on the 27th. Five days away.

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