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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September 28th/29th, 2003

Lynn, in shock from being mugged--Rick's out of focus with his hand in her lap. (probably)

The only thing I remember from the 28th was how fast that freaking car was, and how much everybody wanted a chance to drive it.

Also, I remember being a bit of an idiot. I had my shooting script but hadn't broken it into a shot list. When shit started getting really confusing I realized I needed one, so at one point during the shoot I broke a couple of scenes down into shot lists.

Sept 28th

Skipped first two scenes, pushed them to later. That’s called a pickup. Don’t want to do it too often, ‘cause all of a sudden you have your days off turned into days on.

My friend Beth has a boyfriend who has a nice house we’ll be filming in, and he owns a Porsche and a Viper. We went over to borrow the Viper for the scene where Rick drops Jacky off after the Heston(hitman) attack.

We all took turns driving it for fun--Mun got it almost to 100mph in 2nd gear. The thing goes to 180mph. FAST. It was getting a little cold though, and it has no top, so the ride across the Bay Bridge to return it was a little chilly.

We got the scene done, piece of cake. Looks nice. So far been good day bad day good day. We’re in line for a bad day.

Sept 29

Movie theater night. Mark came by and we went over to get him painted up at 9pm. We went to the theater.

Now, we don’t really have permission to use the theater. The head projectionist, James(everybody calls him Kimo) is a friend of mine and he’s good friends with the Assistant Manager. They’re both cool with it. We have managed to leave the General Manager and Corporate out of the loop.

We show up and wait for the customers to leave. We can only shoot when the theater is closed, and we have to be out before it opens again.

Things go well—a lot of the theater employees helped. Bill Stull, the Assistant Manager, and some other movie people helped us load in. Went fast.

Started shooting. Had a shot list. Think things went well, but when you’re shooting actual shots out of order, it’s very risky. Are you going to be sitting in the editing room going, “Shit, I wish I had shot that?” Turns out, yes you will.

Jack porter, the kid showed up, a little early and we were running behind. I brought Shivers out to meet him, rolling video on it—I was hoping Jack would freak out and it would be a cool story to tell later. But it turns out he thinks the clown is cool. Not scared at all.

Got the auditorium scene done where Jacky and Rick are talking, waiting for their movie to start, then we had to move to another auditorium and light it for the scene where Shivers holds Jack hostage.

We did that. Jack was decent, but he wouldn’t stop smiling. Too cute to yell at though. I shoot a lot of coverage behind him and from afar.

Shot a little more, got out of the theater at 7:30 am. Got home by 8am. Gotta get some sleep.

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