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Friday, October 9, 2009

October 1st & 2nd, 2003

Tuck and Lynn, trapped in the projection room
You know, not surprisingly, I don't remember a ton here other than what I typed. I was tired. I was making a lot of decisions with hardly any sleep, so it was nerve-wracking.

But Mun helped out a lot here. There were times I couldn't remember which way we did something but he was always pretty helpful there. And even though he was very tired, he barely ever gripes. Another good thing about the Chinaman. (he's not really Chinese, but he loves it when I say that)

I remember Mark and his protein drinks. He always had this gallon-plastic jug full of his protein drink so he could stay in shape. In between takes he'd stick his straw into it and drink from it(so he didn't smear his makeup).

As for the posters that I mention below, you can see in the final product that we had to blur some while others were fine. Go figure.

Oct 1st
Shot scenes of rick and jacky escaping from clown into projection room, without clown. Then we did every scene in the projection room. Went well. Will be interesting to see how I can dodge all these fucking movie posters hanging up all over the place. The line of “fair use” and copyright infringement is very blurry.

Did jeff’s scenes right before he meets the clown.

Shot until 7am, then went to get comics. Finally got to sleep about 11am and slept for a good 7 hours. Shooting went well. Because of my strange sleep hours, my head feels muddled. Hard to think.

Still very tired.

Oct 2nd
Went to the Eastern shore to nice house, shot some scenes, jumping between each other.

Workers working on house kept making noise—there’s a lot to fix and clean up because of the hurricane a week ago. The workers keep walking into our shots from the backyard, would come outside and stand by their trucks talking—which was all picked up by our mics. Sorry about that STD, guy.

The shoot gets confusing--we lost our light so we’ll have to go back. Can’t fake the light in a house with giant windows.

We eat lasagna that my wife made—she brought it over and cooked. It was nice.

We pack up for the next scene...

It’s starting to get cold. We drive to the roller-coaster office on the eastern shore. Very cold. Wind chill was 38 degrees. In between takes everyone would run inside to try to get warm except me and Mun. I mean, it didn’t feel that bad once your body went numb.

We shoot the scene where Rick and Jacky get mugged by Heston, played by Ted Taylor. It went pretty well I thought.

Got way behind though, didn’t leave til 3am. Typing this at 4;08 am and am ready to drop. Got some decent stuff though.

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