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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September 27th, 2003

Dennis Long played Shivers in the promo trailer we shot to raise funding.

We shot this entire day at the house I grew up in. My parents still live there. And I realized something in that one day that I never knew the entire time I lived there.

That house and neighborhood is LOUD. The kitchen floor CREAKS if you move an inch.

My sound guy was giving me fits and I finally said screw it--not much we can do now.

I can tell you, fixing sound in post taught me a TON about sound.

Sept 27th

Exhausted. No other word for it. It’s 4:57 am and I just walked in the door. We started setting up to shoot at 11am this morning—I’ve been awake and working for almost 18 hours. I booted up notepad and then excel before I realized I needed Word to continue this log.

I’m that tired.

The day was a bit of a disaster. I figured we’d fall behind, so you might expect that I was prepared. But no.

During the shoot inside there is so much noise outside--people using every fucking’ power weedwhacker and lawnmower, there’s construction up the street (BAM BAM BAM with the hammers) – it’s impossible to get good sound.

We’re so far behind by the time we finish shooting the first couple of scenes that it’s getting dark outside. We still have to do the scene where the hitman in a clown mask comes in, fights Tuck and gets shot—and all that takes place during the day.

Mun figures out a way we can light it like it’s day outside—close the curtains inside and blast just about every light we have at the curtain so it looks like sunlight outside. It works okay, but it’s still pretty dark inside now.

We choreograph the whole Tuck runs in, tackles him, fights, and then they stand up. The room is actually too small for this scene but we try to make it work. It takes a long time.

The scene, as envisioned, has Jacky shoot the hitman and behind him we see the picture shatter. He laughs, then we crane down slightly to show that the bullet went through him to hit the picture.

So I’m behind the camera with a BB gun. Jacky would pull the trigger on her blank gun and I’d fire the BB gun. It would crack the picture frame but not explosively enough that you could really tell anything was happening.

We did it a couple of times with a couple of different pictures. Never worked out.

There was a lot of sexual innuendo going on all day(and this was when the “nugget porn” conversation happened, which I think was on the Making Of. Also, Jacky scrunched up her boobs for the camera. She’s fun like that.

At the end of the night I called off the first scene of the next day, and thought I might call off the second one because we need a wig that Lisa Willis Brush said she’d get—we need her “corpse” to wear it.

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