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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 15th, 2003

Remember those magazines in the movie that
Tuck has been masturbating to? collecting?

Well, they had to be created.
My buddy Rich Henn came up with these after I sent him pictures.

This seemed like a long day because we started early, but it really wasn't that long of a day.

I remember getting this really uncharacteristic feeling of sadness that the whole thing was over. I was going to miss most of the people I had spent all that time with.

October 15th

Last day of shooting. Feels weird. Had to get up early at 10am and head to Balitimore. Wind was whipping like a bitch. Can’t use the crane or steadicam, so there goes the shooting script.

I say screw it and shoot it static. Low budget hell. Move to another scene in Brooklyn Park that looks like the projects. We shoot there--it's confusing because it's doubling as the OUTSIDE of the basement.

We head to my parents’ house. My brother is there already. Sound like he’s pissed(again). We run behind, but have a nice setup for basement where clown stays. The lighting setup Dave does looks good. He's worried it's too "college film-class". I like it though.

We're running late. Get pizza, get ready to run to Pasadena. Wife calls--Andrew is already at my house. 40 minutes early. We’re running late. He doesn’t want to stay late--I'm getting irritated with him.

We rock to Ppasadena and crank the scene out. It's funny, it's my wife's uncle's house. He has knows we're coming over so he's lit all these tiki torches out on his porch. But the scene is a day scene even though we're shooting it at night, so we can't even see out the window or doors.

Also, his bedroom is very girly, and it's supposed to be the psychiatrist ex-husband's bedroom. But I think we get some okay shots, and his OFF-CAMERA death is supposed to be a bit of misdirection concerning the next OFF-CAMERA death where the guy isn't really killed.

Then to my house. We get Andrew's side of the scene finished pretty fast.

Then outside to get Mark in my back yard. The martini shot(final shot of the production, not counting pickups).

More meloncholy. We go out to Jillian’s for drinks. Had some laughs. Funny but sad. There’s a lot of work to be done.

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