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Friday, October 16, 2009

A Brief Break

This was the trailer we shot to show investors what we were going for before we shot the movie.

A few tidbits:
  • This was before I ever met Mark Lassise, so as you can see, the clown costume is all in one piece. You know, before we realized we were gonna turn the clown into a perverted sex symbol.
  • This is all shot on fairly-crappy hi-8 video, but we actually shot 16mm film at the same time with my Bolex. Due to the cost of development and transfer to video, I STILL have the film in my refrigerator. Besides, the video-version of the trailer worked...
  • Darla Albornoz("Vampire Sisters") played Lynn in this video and was a finalist for the role that eventually went to Jacky Reres.
  • We shot a bunch of stuff that wasn't even in the script, but there are a couple of shots that are actually exactly like they are in the final film.
  • Yes, that music is from other movies so there's a chance this will get taken down.

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