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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 10th, 2003

This day was pretty relaxed when compared to everything else, but I was having a real hard time finding a little girl to play young Lynn Blodgett. I can't remember why.

And again at the end of the night when I rushed off to get things prepped for the next day, Rick and Mun went out to a bar or a strip club. Bastards.

Oct. 10th

As thought, no go on the first two scenes. I wasn’t prepared, we had no kid to play the young version of Jacky's character, no station wagon for that scene, and no Viper for the other scene.

Just slept in after calling everyone and telling them not to go anywhere until I called them. Jacky didn’t get the message and went to the location(my mom's house) anyway. She couldn’t get in touch with me, and called Mun and Rick.

So they met her down there, then finally got in touch with me. I told them to go ahead and shoot the scene—they have the shooting script and it’s just a sleeping scene. They had to make the bedroom look like night. Mun does some more camera trickery. It looks good. I get there in the middle long enough to see it went well and finish directing it. Mun had it under control though.

Had a couple of hours to kill so we took an impromptu break and went to see Kill Bill Vol 1. Pretty entertaining, but almost too stylized. Unbelievable how nice it is to sit down and relax, and try to forget I'm in the middle of waging the war that is no-budget filmmaking.

Finally went to Rick’s apartment to get another scene where Frank is at Detective Peters’ house—gets a call and rushes out the door. Went well. Everyone had beers and it was kind of relaxed.

Mun did some good lighting setups—the shots with Frank at the computer look very good. I dont' realize until later though that Frank has done some of the takes with the phone in a different hand. Cut together it looks like the phone teleports from one hand to the other.

Frank also managed to dent Rick’s wall when he swung the door open and rushed out. Rick was kinda pissed, but it's not really Frank's fault. Should be a door stopper or something, and what? He's gonna be delicate when he's off to save a lady from a killer clown?

I left to return the actual police radio I've borrowed from my cop buddy Rich, and pickup another room key for Lauren Pellegrino who will be coming in tomorrow from New York.

She’ll play Amanda.
Lauren Pellegrino, about to make her entrance

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