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Monday, October 5, 2009

September 1st/September 3rd, 2003

Once again, here I am slamming someone I know. But you gotta understand where I was coming from here.

First, actors come into auditions and tell you they will give you the world if you will only cast them. They will work 24 hour days, they will walk miles through smoke and fire, they will kill their mom and eat her...if you will only cast them in your movie.

So you cast them, and the first thing many of them do is turn around and fuck you in the ass. All sorts of conditions, reasons they can't show up, etc. It's pretty frustrating.

That's where I was here. Andrew's a good guy too. Hey, everybody's a good guy. So the next person I slam just assume he/she is a good guy, 'cause I'm done saying it.

Just assume at this moment in time they weren't. And I know all this text is blowing your mind. Pics will start showing up when we get into production. I promise.

Sept 1st

I get a call from Andrew Schneider. He’s playing Phillip, Lynn’s good friend and the gallery owner. A big part.

He tells me that he just looked over the schedule and realized he’d have to back out of the part because he has shooting days on two Jewish holidays.

Uh, hello? You knew when we were shooting. What the fuck? Now I’m forced to try to rearrange the schedule, which was a bitch as it was. I mean, one guy can only work on Monday-Wed, I have to schedule the girl from New York so she has three days in a row, one guy doesn’t want to work on Sundays when the Ravens play at home, etc.

Sept. 3rd

I’m attempting to get Dave Mun, First AC from HH, to be our Director of Photography on the movie we’re shooting in 16 days. He’s trying to clear his schedule. I’m contemplating moving the shoot one week back, but if I do it then I have to make sure everyone else can still do it.

In addition, some of the equipment hasn’t shown up. The company claims they need my driver’s license faxed to them so they know it’s not credit card theft. No explanation as to why they didn’t call me to let me know this.

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