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Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 7

I always thought this hand looked pretty realistic as FX go...

The first scene we shot this night was supposed to be just one straight take--the whole dolly into crane thing to reveal the body. We spent an hour setting up and lighting the shot. Then we did about 5 takes.

The crane was shaky every time we went up. And then when the movie ran long I ended up dissolving part-way through to speed this up.

I also remember that the mini-van I borrowed from my parents wouldn't start the next day. Had to call the dad who brought me another car, had the mini-van fixed that day, and returned to me that night.

Now that I think about it, thanks Dad!

Oct 7

Went down to Annapolis to shoot the aftermath of Julie’s death. The scene has the camera on a close up of phone cord. We move down the cord to the phone, past that to the receiver and a hand clutching it, past that to show the arm is chopped off, then we crane up to reveal the decapitated corpse of Lynn’s best friend and manager, Julie.

Very easy. Went well. Had to set up a lot of equipment for one shot, but it went off great. The crane worked out well—just not sure how realistic the body looks.

We shot it at my buddy Luke’s house. He was pretty cool about letting us dump fake blood all over the wooden floor. Gave us a rug to ruin.

Went back to the theater to get another shot. Did it fast. Half assing the police cars with those party lights. Don’t know if audience will buy it. Need to get the cars on Thursday or they definitely won’t buy it.

Finished by 4am. Early night. Sweet. If only I didn’t have to go get comics.

Accidentally left the “COME IN THEY DIE” sign on the inside window of the theater. The theater locked behind us so we couldn’t take it down after we noticed it. That should be a pleasant surprise for the early crew tomorrow. I hope they don’t call the police.

We got the 8th off, then back to work on a very hard scene.

We need cop cars bad.

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